Balanced Life Academy

The one stop online personal training hub for training, nutrition and living a better lifestyle.

The one stop online personal training hub for training, nutrition

and living a better lifestyle.

Real Coaching

Continuous guidance each step of the way from your coach, Jackson. You will have an unrivalled support system with your best interests and goals being the focal points.

Training Programs

Personalised to suit your own goals, lifestyle and capabilities. These are updated frequently as we progress.

Strategised Nutrition

Never stress about dieting again.
You’ll obtain a clear understanding and large degree of knowledge. Nutrition is simplified and kept enjoyable within
the Academy.

Learn What’s Right

Learn a lot of new and ongoing helpful information that won’t just improve your health and body now but long term, too.

Results & Enjoyment

The two most important pillars of the Academy. Get the results you desire while you enjoy the satisfying journey of working on yourself.


Easy to use app for all Balanced Life Academy members. Here is where you’ll access all of your programs. Everything is just a touch of a button away and conveniently in your pocket.


After running my face to face personal training business on the Central Coast of NSW for 4 years, I had the urge to do more. That led me to early 2019, transitioning my business to be exclusively online – and that’s when the Balanced Life Academy was born! I packed up my things, left Australia, went to live abroad and worked full time as the sole Coach of the BLA, coaching amazing people from all parts of the globe.

That brings us to now! I’m back in Australia watching the Balanced Life Academy grow into what I envisioned it to be at the start. My Academy is the one stop, online personal training hub. I have put endless hours of hard work, innovation, sweat and tears into building this into something where anyone can come and drastically improve their life for the better. It’s for the people who trust me to get them to where they want to be – It always has been, it always will be.

I’ve essentially set up the Balanced Life Academy so that I can PT anyone pretty much exactly how I would if I was there physically. All of the tools are here to help you streamline your health, improve your eating habits, lose fat, gain lean muscle – and so much more!

This is all here for you, so please feel free to ask any questions you may have about anything at any time –

Yours in good health,

Jackson Kennedy
Balanced Life Academy Founder & Coach