Here’s a bit of an insight about myself, Jackson, coach and founder of the Balanced Life Academy. Originally from the Central Coast of NSW, I now live in Bali, Indonesia. I was a face to face personal trainer for the past 4 years before making the transition to online in early 2019. Previously working within a Fitness First franchise, I’ve always prided myself on being real and authentic. My clients to me are my oxygen, and I always aim to give them more than what they’re expecting. My whole approach to health and fitness is based on proven, science backed methods. I’m a big believer on quality over quantity and being efficient in regards to helping my members obtain a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I’m here to go above and beyond for my members, watch them flourish and in turn achieve life changing results. To me, that is what this is all about.


The Balanced Life Academy is quite literally your very own 24/7 online personal trainer. Everything you need is right here in the one, convenient place. Personalised training programs, your nutrition completely handled and all the support you could ever ask for, it’s all within. My Academy is here to get you the results you have desired for so long, all in the smoothest and most enjoyable way possible. That is the name of the game.

To put into context the important element of time and how I have formulated my Academy, instead of seeing my clients for a few hourly sessions a week, I’ve created this platform where I can now be with them MORE and ultimately now give my members back MORE value. Essentially, this was my goal all along in regards to creating the Balanced Life Academy.

I set out with the vision to deliver the best personal training experience possible that would set the foundation to positively impact so many lives. Compensating my actual presence was always going to be my biggest hurdle. I loved face to face personal training. It was my life for the past 4 years as I ran my business within one of Australia’s biggest franchise of gyms. In doing so I learnt so much about so many different types of people and what truly gets them results. This was a huge catalyst for me and something I prioritised to carry over to my online business.

After a solid 9 months of graft and brainstorming, I delivered the Balanced Life Academy as a functioning platform ready to take on anyone who wants to better themselves in many ways. The Academy is an online personal training format that covers all aspects and is as human as an online experience can offer. Every member is tended to by me personally. No generic robots, no team of people in the background, it is all inclusively ME passionately all hands on deck doing what I love every single day.

I made sure the entire process for members was extremely smooth to use, easy to understand, satisfying and also affordable. I always intended the platform to be literally no risk, purely only reward for my members. This is highlighted by me happily offering a FREE 7 Day Trial for anyone who may be considering obtaining a feel for online personal training as well as RESULTS OR MONEY BACK for all Premium Memberships! Oh, and there’s also a FREE 25min Health Evaluation call with myself for anyone seeking helpful, swift information on how they can instantly better their health and routine. Not bad, huh.

For all my members, you now have the comfort, structure, and guidance a personal trainer can give you all within the freedom of an app. I allow myself to be available for all full members around the clock. I’m accessible via not just the in-app messaging system but by email, requested Skype calls and also the Balanced Life Academy Facebook group.

I have purposely pioneered the Balanced Life Academy towards the future. It’s all based on proven, trusted methods I have used with clients over the years which genuinely work and are also critically sustainable.

As more and more individuals are finding out, the fitness industry can be misleading, deceitful and full of people who are after a quick buck. How many times have we all seen the new fad diet, useless supplement promising the world or generic training program pushed by someone on Instagram with no qualifications who bought their followers? I know right, it’s laughable and I could go on and on, but it’s all sadly true.

I pride myself on being the approachable, authentic guy who’s been in your shoes and has devoted his own life to assisting the people who are calling out for some real help and for some real coaching. They’re the everyday people who are busy, work hard for their keep and wholeheartedly want to incorporate a healthier approach to their lives but aren’t too sure how. These are the folk I love working with. I get my thrills by seeing them thrive and achieving exactly what they’re after by implementing my methods and changing up certain habits within their current lifestyle.

I believe my Academy is the way forward in many, many ways. I want ambitious people from all parts of the world to make a positive call, think openly about their health and make a conscious decision about what they could do to improve it today, not tomorrow.

The Balanced Life Academy is open, waiting for you to grasp every opportunity it has to offer. Within are all of the tools you’ll need. I have simplified, broken down and prepared everything so you can jump start your new routine, optimise your life and get results, NOW! This is what you’ve been waiting for. Seize the moment and be forever thankful in taking this chance.

Healthy Regards,

Jackson Kennedy

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You’ll thank yourself ~ Jackson